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DualPrecision blades, Flexing heads AT890/16


My Philips Jet Clean system shows low fluid levels

If your Philips Jet Clean system
shows that the fluid level is low although you've filled it to the max, the level sensors may be clogged.

Follow the steps below to fix this problem

1) Take the shaver out.

2) Unplug the Jet Clean System.

3) Clean the level sensors (the tiny metal parts at the end of the 2 plastic teeth) with a cloth. (fig. 1, indicated with the green arrow)

Note: your Jet Clean System may look different from the one in the pictures.

4) Plug the Jet Clean System back in.

5) Place the shaver upside down in the holder and push the lever down completely to lock the shaver into place.

Fig. 1:

Jet clean sensor

The problem persists

Contact us.

The information on this page applies to the following models: AT890/16 , AT940/18 , AT940/20 , HQ8270/21 , HQ8170/21 , HQ9190/21 . more less

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