350 W, 2 L Plastic Jar, with multi mill, 5 speed and pulse HR2115/30

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the small lid of my Philips blender jar for?

  • During processing, you can remove the small lid to add liquid and solid ingredients
  • Switch the blender off before adding solid ingredients
  • You can also use the measuring cup to measure ingredients

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2115/30 , HR2116/60 , HR2116/40 , HR2116/30 , HR2115/60 , HR2115/40 , HR2115/03 , HR2106/06 , HR2115/00 , HR2096/00 , HR2115/01 , HR2870/00 , HR2001/70 , HR2020/70 , HR2000/70 , HR2011/70 , HR2870/60 , HR2860/80 . more less

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