Viva Collection Juicer

800 W, QuickClean, 2 L, XL tube, Drip stop HR1855/70

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I juice all kind of produce with my Philips juicer?

Yes, you can juice almost any kind of fruit or vegetable. Make sure you remove the stones from fruits before juicing them.

Very hard and/or fibrous or starchy fruits or vegetables, such as sugar cane, banana and mango, are not suitable for juicing in this appliance.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR1855/70 , HR1811/71 , HR1863/00 , HR1855/00 , HR1832/00 , HR1851/00 , HR1861/00 , HR1858/50 , HR1871/05 , HR1871/00 , HR2825/06 , HR1858/55 , HR1858/00 , HR1821/10 . more less

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