Design cordless phone

M550, 1.6" display/ white backlight, Speakerphone M5501WG/90


How to remove battery from my Philips Mira phone?

Follow these simple steps described below to find out how to open and close the battery compartment of your Philips Mira design cordless phone:

1. On the handset, locate the triangle mark near the microphone

Philips MIRA Design cordless phone

2. Grip the body of the handset with one hand; open the cover of the handset with the other hand

Cover of Philips Mira Design cordless phone

To close the battery compartment

  1. Align the cover so that the handset cover would not cover the speaker
  2. Put the cover on top of the body of the handset, press to close until there is a “click”
Cover of Philips Mira Design cordless phone

The information on this page applies to the following models: M5501WG/90 .

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