wireless portable speaker

Bluetooth®, Rechargeable battery, 2W BT50A/00

Frequently Asked Questions

Why there is a switch on my Philips Bluetooth speaker?

The switch on your Philips Bluetooth speaker allows you to switch the speaker on/off and choose between different sources of the audio signal. Check more below:

Switch on Bluetooth speaker

How to use the switch

  • Switch to OFF position when you want to switch off the speaker
  • Switch to AUX position when you use the speaker with a player connected via a audio cable
  • Switch to Bluetooth position when you want to use Bluetooth connection.
AUX position

The information on this page applies to the following models: BT50A/00 , BT50G/00 , BT50W/00 , SBT50/00 , SBT30/00 , SBT30BLU/00 , SBT30GRN/00 , SBT30ORG/00 . more less

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