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How to place the speakers of my Philips system?

Updated on 2017-12-13

Your room settings would have an effect on what you hear from the set of your Philips audio system. Below are some general tips to get the best acoustic effects:

Proper rack for speakers

  • Choose a proper rack to hold your speakers. Some racks, especially metal ones, add harshness to the sound - the rack vibrates with the speaker and triggers external vibration noise.
  • Speakers being placed on the floor (especially uncarpeted floor) may also cause external vibration noise. Therefore, placing the speakers on the floor is not recommended unless there is a stand.
  • It is recommended to have the speakers at the height of your ear level when you sit on the hearing spot.

Location of the speakers

  • Place your speakers as wide apart as the cable length allows. Increasing the distance between the speakers enlarges the soundstage, allowing you to have more involving sound
  • Place your speakers slightly away from the wall (no less than a distance of one footstep) to avoid strong booming sound
  • Angle the speaker upon the hearing position. This increases the solidity of the sound.
  • If there is a subwoofer in the system, it is suggested to place it in the front part of the soundstage but 8-12 inches (20-30 cm) from the wall. This increases the chance of you sitting in the best spot for bass.
  • Having speakers or a subwoofer facing the window is a not a good idea as this makes sound rebound difficult in the soundstage
Location of Philips speakers

Location of other furniture

  • Avoid placing other furniture such as tables and chairs between the speakers and the listening position. These obstacles may cause unexpected sound rebound.

Finding the hearing sweet spot

  • Adjust the location of your chair back and forth to find the best hearing sweet spot
  • If possible, use a low-backed chair or sofa so that your ears will not be deprived of the acoustic details

The information on this page applies to the following models: MCD2010/98 , MCM2300/12 , MCD2160/12 , DCM2020/12 , MCD1165/55 , DCD7010/98 , DCM1075/98 , MCD1065/98 , MCM1055B/98 , MCM1055/98 , DCM105/98 , MCM103/98 , MCD183/98 , MCD170/98 , MCD122/98 , MCD107/98 , DCD2030/98 , DCD132/98 , MCM280D/12 , MCM207/12 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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