5000 series Blu-ray Disc player

3D playback, DivX Plus HD, Net TV BDP5200/98


How to improve Wireless streaming?

  • If possible, use a Wi-Fi N router. Wi-Fi N routers have the highest bandwidth for wireless

  • If possible, place your player and router in the same room

  • Allow as few obstructions as possible between your player and router. Obstructions can be walls, metallic objects, and reflective surfaces

  • Place your router and player about 1.5 meters above the floor. Sometimes this improves wireless performance

  • If a wall separates your player and router, place them less than five meters apart

  • When devices and routers share a wireless channel, the bandwidth is reduced. On your PC, scan your wireless network for other devices and routers. (You can use a free Wi-Fi network scanner from the Internet.) Configure your router to use a channel that is least used

  • If your router allows 20/40 channel bonding, use it

  • Keep cables away from the Wireless USB Adapter connected to your player

  • With the Wireless USB Adapter, use the supplied USB extender cable

The information on this page applies to the following models: BDP5200/98 , BDP7500B2/98 , BDP7500S2/98 .

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