Digital PhotoFrame

26.4cm/10.4", multimedia, 4:3 frame ratio SPF5010/10


Can I remove the white line from my Philips photoframe?

The white line is not a technical failure; it is part of the demo mode.
No software upgrade is needed.

Please follow these steps to turn OFF the Demo Mode:

  1. Go to the Settings / Setup menu
  2. Go to the Demo menu
  3. Select OFF and press OK to confirm
    Demo mode is now OFF, and there is no white line!

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPF5010/10 , SPF5010/12 , SPF7008/12 , SPF7010/12 , SPF5008/12 , SPF5208/12 , SPF7010/10 , SPF7008/10 , SPF5008/10 , SPF5208/10 . more less

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