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How do I get a close shave with my Philips electric shaver?

Published on 10 July 2024
Keeping your blades clean and replacing them when required is the number one to make sure you get a close shave. We recommend giving your shaver a quick clean after each shave and a more thorough cleaning each month.

For details on how to do this, please refer to the video at the bottom of this article for general guidance and check the user manual for details on how to clean your own shaver (if it differs from the model shown).

The heads of your electric shaver are made up of two parts: the blade for cutting hairs, and the cap to protect your skin. The cap is made of the thinnest possible metal to make sure the blade is cutting as close to your skin as possible while minimizing the risk of nicks or cuts.

Using the right technique is key to making sure you’re getting the best results from your Philips shaver.

Hairs do not always grow in a uniform direction and, for that reason, we recommend moving your shaver in circles while applying light pressure. This allows the blades to cut hairs growing in all different directions. 

Additionally, if you haven’t shaved for three days or longer, pre-trim the longer hairs with a beard trimmer to ensure a better result when using your Philips electric shaver.

The information on this page applies to the following models: S5898/17 , S3122/51 , HQ6900/16 , HQ6990/33 , HQ6970/33 , HQ6970/16 , HQ6940/33 , HQ6920/16 , HQ6940/16 , S1103/02 , S1301/02 , SW170/04 , SW6700/14 , SW5700/07 , S1030/04 , S1070/04 , S9111/12 , S5070/04 , S9151/31 , AT600/15 , AT610/14 , AT620/14 , AT750/16 , RQ1180/16 , RQ1150/16 , AT890/16 , AT940/18 , AT940/20 , RQ1260/16 , RQ1160/16 , RQ1250/16 , HQ6990/16 , HQ7742/16 , HQ7782/16 , HQ6707/16 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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