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How can I get picture and sound on Philips TV when I connect my Laptop or Notebook with a HDMI connection?

Updated on 2016-12-29

When you switch on the Laptop/Notebook with the TV attached and switched on, the video image may appear on either the Laptop/Notebook display or the TV screen for the below connections.

Connect the HDMI connection of the laptop/notebook with a HDMI-HDMI cable to the HDMI connection of the TV.

DVI to HDMI, with an added audio connection.
Connect the DVI connection of the Laptop/Notebook with a DVI-HDMI cable to the HDMI connection of the TV. Alternatively, use a DVI-DVI cable and a DVI-HDMI adaptor. Connect the audio cable from the ‘AUDIO OUT’ connection of the Laptop/Notebook to the ‘AUDIO IN’ connection of the TV.

Note: Make sure the PC graphics card has the latest drivers and the TV has the latest software installed.

Follow these steps to connect the devices:

Step 1-8

  1. Switch the Laptop/Notebook and the TV off.
  2. Connect the Laptop/Notebook choosing one of the above connections.
  3. Switch the TV on.
  4. Select the HDMI connection on the TV where the Laptop/Notebook is connected.
  5. Switch the Laptop/Notebook on.
  6. Depending on the graphics card, Laptop/Notebook operating system and configuration, the TV shows the Laptop/Notebook screen.
  7. For some cases, you need to toggle the Laptop/Notebook to display the video image onto the TV screen.
  8. Example of the common function keys use by Laptop/Notebook manufacturers such as [Fn]+[F8] keys.

Note: Please refer to your Laptop/Notebook manual to determine which keys are used for the transfer function.

Step 9

Hold down the [Fn] key, and toggle the [F8] key (or key determined by the manufacturer) once or two times.

Step 10

This will switch the video image to the Laptop/Notebook display only, the TV only, or the Laptop/Notebook display and the TV simultaneously.

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