GoGEAR MP4 player

Azure, 4GB* SA5AZU04KF/97

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SafeSound work?

When you listen to music through the bi-packed earphones, the sound pressure on your ears is estimated¹ based on the electrical characteristics of the player and earphones. Then, the estimate is compared against the reference levels² of sound pressure. As a result, icons of different colors can be displayed to indicate status of sound pressure and the levels of risks to hearing damage.


¹The methodology is based on European norm (50332-1/2).

²The reference levels come from the minimum requirement for health and safety that the European directive 2003/10/EC provides for the noises exposed to individuals.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA5AZU04KF/97 , SA5AZU04WF/97 , SA5AZU08KF/97 , SA4MUS16KF/97 , SA4ARA08KF/97 , SA4ARA04KF/97 , SA4MUS08KF/97 , SA3ARA32K/97 , SA3MUS16S/97 , SA3MUS08S/97 , SA3ARA08K/97 , SA3ARA16K/97 , SA3ARA04K/97 . more less


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