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When should I replace the cartridge of my Philips cleaning station?

Published on 30 August 2023
You can find out here when to replace the cleaning cartirdge if you have a Philips Shaver Cleaning system like the SmartClean (Image 1) or the Quick Clean Pod (Image2).

When to replace the cleaning cartridge

We recommend replacing the cleaning cartridge of your Philips Shavers Cleaning system when the cleaning station indicates or when you are no longer satisfied with the cleaning performance of your cleaning system.

For the SmartClean system, you will see an arrow symbol flashing orange on the device. In the Quick Clean Pod a small window shaped icon will appear (see image). 

If you use the Cleaning system weekly, then the cleaning fluid in a cartridge should be enough for three months. If you are a more regular user, then the cartridge will need to be replaced much earlier, possibly within a month.

The Philips Cleaning cartridge comes with a special cleaning fluid designed for this device. Please do not try to refill the cartridge with a different kind of cleaning solution. This can damage your device.

To buy the replacement cartridges for your Philips Cleaning system, visit our online shop.

How to replace the cleaning cartridge in Smart Clean System

To replace the Philips SmartClean cartridges, please follow the simple steps below:

1. Pull out the little compartment at the bottom of the SmartClean system.
2. Take the SmartClean cartridge out and discard it. 
3. Get a new cartridge, peel its cover open from the top and place it back in the slot.

Your SmartClean system should now be ready to use with your Philips Shaver. 

How to replace the cleaning cartridge in the Quick Clean Pod

1. Twist and remove the top of the Philips Quick Clean Pod.
2. Twist the lid off of the Philips Quick Clean Pod Cartridge.
3. Lift the tab on the seal and pull it by the corner to remove the seal from the Philips Quick Clean Pod Cartridge.
4. Press the small circular piece on the handle of the Philips Quick Clean Pod Cartridge to break the snap hook on the handle.
5. Place the Philips Quick Clean Pod Cartridge into the Philips Quick Clean Pod.

How to recycle the cleaning cartridge and the Quick Clean Pod

Each Philips cleaning cartridge is effective for up to three months. Both the pod and cartridge are made of recyclable plastic. The lubricating liquid is safe to dispose in the sink after use. Please refer to your local recycling guidelines for further information on how and where to recycle them.
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