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How to delete the blinking envelope from my Philips phone?

The blinking LED and envelope indicates a new event (a missed call).Check the missed call log and your new messages to make the blinking LED or envelope disappear.

To check the call log of your phone

  1. Press Call list to access the call log
  2. Press Call list continuously until there are no missed call logs
Call list button

To check the new messages

  1. Press the MENU/OK button

  2. Select Answ. Machine > Play, then press MENU/OK to confirm. New messages will start playing and old messages will be played if there are no new messages.

  3. Press the REDIAL/C button to stop listening

  4. Press the MENU/OK button to enter the options menu

Note: The envelope/LED will not blink if all new messages are listened to/deleted.

If you have multiple handsets you may need to repeat these steps for all handsets.

If the envelope or the LED continues to blink even after you checked the call log, contact Philips Customer Care for assistance.

The information on this page applies to the following models: CD1501B/90 , CD6501B/90 , CD2401S/90 , CD1502B/90 , ID5551B/90 , CD2402S/90 , CD2302S/90 . more less

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