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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register other DECT handsets to my Philips base?

Yes, our DECT phones comply with the GAP standard.

The GAP (Generic Access Profile) protocol enables you to register any DECT device (handset, headset) to any DECT base station. Both devices must be GAP-compliant.

The GAP protocol only guarantees access to the basic functions of your telephone:

  • Placing a call
  • Receiving a call
  • Registering and unregistering a handset/headset

In most cases, the GAP protocol does not provide access to advanced features such as intercom, caller ID, date/ time settings and the answering machine.

The information on this page applies to the following models: CD1501B/90 , CD6501B/90 , CD2401S/90 , CD1502B/90 , ID5551B/90 , CD4401S/90 , CD4402S/90 , CD2402S/90 , CD2302S/90 . more less

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