BeNear Cordless phone

1000-series, 1.6" display/ amber backlight, Black and Blue CD1901BB/90

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose my phonebook if I reset my Philips phone?

No; your phonebook data will be kept even if you reset. Other parameters such as the volume and melody type will, however, be reset to the default parameters.

The information on this page applies to the following models: CD1901BB/90 , CD2903W/90 , CD1912B/90 , CD1901WR/90 , CD1901WB/90 , CD1901B/90 , CD1902B/90 , XL3901S/90 , CD2801W/90 , CD2852W/90 , CD2802W/90 , CD1801B/90 , CD1501B/90 , CD6501B/90 , CD1502B/90 , CD3601S/90 , CD3602S/90 , CD3651S/90 , CD3652S/90 , ID5551B/90 . more less

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